Hire Miners > Miners Find Tokens > Compound Daily > Withdraw > Profit!

  • "Hire Miners" using Tokens (FTM\BNB\MATIC\AVAX\ETH\KCS\ONE).
  • Your miners will start digging, placing the tokens they find into your barrel.
  • You can compound your earnings using the "Hire More Miners" button. This uses the tokens in your barrel to increase your tokens mining production rate.
  • Alternatively, you can withdraw the tokens in your barrel using the "Pocket Your Tokens" button and your miners will begin filling your barrel again.
  • DYOR - Do your own research.

  • FAQ and Help

    Preamble: This is a "High Risk High Reward" project. Read the smart contract and understand the contract that you are
    getting into. It is completely up to you and all risk is on you.

    1. What happens when the barrel becomes full?
    Don't worry, your Miners will continue to mine tokens for you non stop.

    2. Can I take my tokens back or sell my Miners?
    No! Miners are not bought, Miners are hired therefore they can't be sold. Once Miners are hired they work for you indefinitely, providing you with an unlimited amount of tokens at a starting rate of 3% daily.

    3. How much are my fees?
    The only fee that users personally incur is their transaction gas fees.

    4. When is the best time to Hire Miners?

    5. How often should I compound?
    We recommend that you compound at least once per day but you are free to do so as often as you wish.

    6. How is the miner eco system sustainable?
    Miners are sustainable due to community support and its algorithmic intelligent contract.

    7. How to use miners on IPhone?
    Due to TrustWallet closing it's Dapp browser to IOS users. You will need MetaMask or an equivalent browser extension.

    8. Is it better to hire more Miners or pocket?
    Hiring more Miners will be more profitable than pocketing in the long-term.